Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rosie's Regular Life. Sans Christmas Baking.

Let's get back to ME. Shall we?
Every morning, about 3-4:45, Dixie comes upstairs to my bedroom and jumps in bed with me.
This is Dixie, just waking up.
This is Dixie being cute.
Middle Hawthorne and Beau came home this afternoon. The first of the fledglings to find roost. Mr. Hawthorne and I ventured out to Harris Teeter. After I had finished baking two items today (as in, it took me all freakin' day long). I went back to my pantry to get more flour and found there was nothing but Self Rising Flour, which I had bought mistakenly. I took the 2 five pound bags back to Harri Teeter today and they graciously let me substitute them for the regular flour.
Beau's eying the fried cod pieces.

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