Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas, Sandra Lee.

Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Holiday was on yesterday. What a treat. At the beginning of the episode, Sandy warns us, "Almost everything I make will be edible." Thanks for the heads up, Sandy.
This was the episode where she was trying to get all her nephews to kiss her on the mouth. It was quite uncomfortable to watch. Downright creepy.
Gotta love the porn hair and the makeup.
That dress is doing no favors for girlfriend.
Snadra, I flove you.
Sandy had shanghai'd her family and friends to come sit at her table for dinner. Poor family. Poor friends. And when she went up to her friend Cuhleen and asked her, "Another cocktail, C'leen? More booze, honey?" Cuhleen definitely gave her the stink-eye. After all, Sandy had just branded her as a lush.
Sandra toasted everyone at the table, then got up, leaving everyone there, saying she was going outside, "to play in the snow," but actually she was talking to us. I felt so special. When she left the table, she told family and friends to "Go ahead and start eating," leaving them with blank, confused looks, since there was no food on the table. Only empty plates. Classic SLop.
I love her boozy leering and leaning into the camera.
Merry Christmas, Sandra. Now, if Food Network would just re-air her Kwanzaa cake episode and the Cocktail Tree, I'll be one very happy shrike.


Marilyn said...

Ah, I missed this SLop-fest! Darn family get-togethers interferring with my Shrike duties.

Rose II said...

That first pic of Snads tickles me to no end. Thank you!