Monday, December 21, 2009

Guess What. Rosie Got To A Turning Point Today.

I happened to glance at my calendar this morning (Sunday) and noticed Christmas is on Friday. NOT Saturday, as I was (not) thinking. Fast forward. I baked 3 cookie batches today. I was thinking the whole cooking time about what I needed to do. Since Christmas popped up a day early, I had to send packages of baked goods and other sundry presents VIA UPS out tomorrow. Monday. Not a whole n'other day, like Tuesday, which I was aiming for. (For which I was aiming. I know.)
Heh. Those damn Bits 'o Brickle. They're just rockingmyworld. So Rosie set her ass in gear, made umpteen trips to the utility room freezer and near freezing fridge to bring assorted baked goodies upstairs, rummaged through my Christmas section to find sparkly containers, packed them individually with Christmas Goodies, put them lovingly into boxes, and put crumbled newspapers and bubble wrap in the boxes to protect my precious cargo. Then, thankfully, Mr. Hawthorne was home and he looked at how I was packing everything and said, "Give me that. Get out of the way!" He wrapped the 3 presents up. Lovely papers and bows. Then wrapped the 2 Goodie Boxes. Boxed 'em and taped 'em up for UPSing. And they are all ready for sending. I just need to go tomorrow to the UPS store and send them merrily away. The rest of the cookies I'll pack on Christmas Eve. I pack 20- 30 trays and deliver them. Give some to my children so they can distribute to their friends. I got to a milestone today. And I was quite proud of myself. I got everything baked, wrapped, packed, boxed and ready to go. Couldn't have done it without you Mr. Hawthorne. I thank you. And yes, I must point out to my readers Mr. Hawthorne drove me to Harris Teeter and Food Lion to pick up all the items for our baking. Several times a week. You credit whore, you. None of this would have been possible without his tremendous efforts.
I really don't have to cook anymore.
I've made 33 different items. Not a personal best. But right up there. Nothing to sniff at. I may cook a few more items. We'll see. Tomorrow, I' ll take the 5 packages to UPS. Then go to the $ Store. See if they still have any more trays to pack the rest of my Christmas Goodies in. Then do a little extra special shopping for certain special people. I know what I want and I know where to get it. I do NOT shop. I list items I want to purchase. And I go get them. Or either order them off the internet. That's it.
This year, I only have 2 Goodie Packages being UPS'd away. Years past, I've mailed as many as a dozen of these buggers. I feel a palpable relief as I write this. I actually got to a stopping point tonight. And a turning point too. Tomorrow, Monday, I will focus my energies on another path. I want to mail my packages, do my little bit of picking up certain items, get home, maybe bake another biscotti (beez-GAH-tee - Thanks, Giada. I had an almond and orange little pretty in mind.), and I want to decorate the archway, foyer, front door, and front steps with lights. Ahhh. The bar is high. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you lots of good luck!
I thought today, "she must be at 33 by now," and there you go! Great job, give yourself a pat on the back, and Merry Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve, Eve!