Monday, December 28, 2009

Maxine Treats The Hawthornes To Lunch At Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe.

This weekend is a special occasion. My wonderful friend, Maxine, has come to visit. Maxine visits with us on the Outer Banks only twice a year. In the summer and Christmas/New Year. She always arrives 3:30 - 4:00. We feast that night and Maxine always takes as many Hawthornes available the next day out to lunch. We always try to find a new restaurant to visit. We were fortunate enough this time to be graced with the presences of all Three Little Hawthornes. I don't remember the last time the Hawthorne Family all ate together. Maxine is special that way. She brings all the Hawthornes together. Thank you, Maxine. I love you. Maxine leaves it up to us (me) to figure out where to go. I'm always trying to find a new place. Or one before to which I haven't gone.
I picked three restaurants, all in South Nags Head: Pamlico Jack's (in the old Penguin Isle), South Beach Grill (near Jennettes Pier) (Reviews were good.), and Sam and Omie's (a long time local favorite). Our party was in three cars. Mr. Hawthorne, Maxine, and Rosie in car #2. Middle and Youngest Hawthornes in car #1. And Daughter Hawthorne in car #3. Car #1 called us within minutes of leaving Colington Island. "Get your license out. There's a roadblock." #2 Car called car #3 to warn. 2 Cops blocking the road at the First Flight Airstrip on Colington Road. Checking drivers' licenses. Asked Mr. Hawthorne if he'd robbed any banks lately. Mr. Hawthorne told him, "No, not any you'd know about." "Have a good day, sir." We all successfully passed the Colington Check Point. A few minutes later, Car #1 called us back. "Pamlico Jack's is closed." I tell Car #1 to proceed to Restaurant #2, South Beach Grill. Car #2 calls Car #3. Change of plans. Restaurant # 1 is closed. Proceed to Restaurant #2. Car #1 calls back. "South Beach Grill is closed." Car #2: "Proceed to Restaurant #3." Car #2 calls Car #3. "The owl flies at midnight." "HUUUHHHHHH???" "Just go to Sam and Omie's." Hang up. Riiiinnnngggg. Riinnngg. Car #1: "Sam and Omie's is closed." Car #2: "Go to Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe on the causeway." Car #1: " 'k" Car #2 to Car #3: "We'll be at Basnight's." The five of us arrive at Basnight's, and Daughter Hawthorne joined us a few minutes later. The parking lot was full. I'm thinking, "Shoot. It's gonna take forever to get in." We went in, the hostess immediately greeted us, and we were ushered to our seats. A few years ago, Basnight's burned down. Very sad. Arson. Marc Basnight, a Manteo native, vowed to get his Lone Cedar Cafe back in business. I remember seeing flood lights down there. Basnight had workers 24/7. I've never seen anyone get building permits as fast as Basnight did. I guess that's one of the perks of being a Senator.
Here's the view from our booth.
There was a huge Christmas tree in the room.
After our waitress took our drink orders, she promptly returned with a basket of corn bread. Youngest Hawthorne was impressed that the plates were warmed.
Call me Pauler, but I love me some buttah. I don't do this often.
Both the Hawthorne Boys ordered the special: turkey slices with mashed potatoes and green beans. We were told there were NO MASHED POTATOES. WHAH???? How can you be a restaurant and not have potatoes? "Wait. Let me drive over to Food Lion and pick up a few taters. I'll bring 'em back. You can cook 'em and mash 'em up." NO Potatoes???? The Hawthorne Boys subbed French Fries. We were served within 12 minutes. The place was packed. I was impressed.
I tried to get a picture of Youngest Hawthorne's plate but he hates my doing that, so he started tossing food around on his plate. Kids these days.
Middle Hawthorne let me shoot his plate. Both boys so wanted mashed potatoes. Again - how does a restaurant NOT have potatoes? Personally, I didn't care for the gravy or green beans which have had the hell cooked out of them. And I was never a fan of stuffing. The boys liked it though. They ate every bit.
Mr. Hawthorne opted for the Caesar salad with fried oysters. I've had their Caesar salad numerous times and agree with Mr. Hawthorne that it is one of the best on the beach. (Although not as good as ours.) Mr. Hawthorne was "totally satisfied" with his meal. "The oysters were lightly fried. Just perfect. The lettuce was crisp even with the hot oysters. I was not hungry when I left. Still pricey, though. You live on the beach, you pay for the location."
Maxine had the shrimp po' boy. Delicately fried shrimp on a bun with a remoulade sauce. She liked it very much.
Daughter Hawthorne ordered the Cuban press - slices of pork and ham with melted cheese and coarse mustard. I had a bite of it and was glad I didn't order it. Too heavy, and I didn't care for the pork slices.
I ordered the Soft "Build your own" Taco with shrimp, pico de gallo, lime sour cream, sriracha sauce, cheeses, and lettuce. Not bad.
For once, I didn't have entree envy. Dessert is Maxine's favorite part of any meal. She and the boys picked out two and we all shared.
The chocolate cheesecake was dense, rich, and absolutely decadent.
And the layered Hershey cake was excellent as well. All in all, this was an enjoyable meal. And, yes, I would recommend Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe. There. I said it. Oh ... Maxine. Thanks again.

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