Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Xmaskatie Helps Rosie Get Back On Track.

If you're a regular of my blog, then you know my Xmaskatie. She's the subject of many of my posts. The author of numerous comments here. A strength to me. Xmaskatie is my niece, the eldest child of another sister, deceased. She and Youngest Hawthorne are the oldest and youngest of their generation. Cousin Gene and I are the oldest and youngest of our generation. Mr. Hawthorne and I left for Danville Tuesday. The funeral was Wednesday We came home Thursday. I was ... numb. For lack of a better word. Or maybe there isn't a better word. Damn brain's been a mess lately. I didn't do anything for several days. Until today, which is Tuesday. (Another story and post.) On Friday, Mr. Hawthorne and I went out to run errands. A lovely, exciting trip to the WalMart. On the way back home, I realized I wanted a Christmas tree. Bad. Really bad. Mr. Hawthorne was more than happy to oblige. He loves Christmas. I needed this Christmas. Most Christmases, I'm the one who sits back and doesn't do anything (except my baking - but that's another story and post) and allows everyone else to go get the tree and decorate it. My only participation is locating the numerous boxes of Christmas detritus we occur over the years. Not so, this year! I enlisted the aid of Niece Xmaskatie. She came to visit on Saturday, with Dixie's cousin, Katie. I daresay we bolstered each other. I needed her and I wanted her help in decorating our Christmas tree. I wanted a Christmas tree awaiting Mr. Hawthorne's and my children. I wanted them to have yet another magical Christmas, like the time I gave Youngest Hawthorne a 44 Magnum for Christmas and I was like the coolest Mom ever. I have such dreams. Xmaskatie, I kinda think you needed me too. I thank you.
Mr. Hawthorne and I carried the tree in. It's in my octagon room, as always. AKA my Occasional Room, because I celebrate all occasions in this room. It's my castle turret.
Xmaskatie had my camera and took ... unfortunate ... photographs of yours truly. My Ass is NOT that BIG. I'm quite sleek. Like a feline. Really I am. My sweatshirt detracts from my keen, thoroughbred lines.
Xmaskatie is trying to untangle some lights.
More of Rosie's ACTION SHOTS.
Rosie starting on the first string of lights.
I'm going with simple this year. Minimalist, if you will. A base of white lights.
With a gash of red lights.
When I uploaded the pictures from the past weekend, I found Xmaskatie had taken a lot. Thank you! The above is my stained glass floor lamp which I dearly love. I'd seen it in a shop in South Nags Head years ago with Mr. Hawthorne, and remarked that I liked it. And thought nothing more about it. The next Christmas morning, Mr. Hawthorne surprised and delighted me. He brought the lamp in from his vehicle and presented it to me. Now, there's a funny story that interjects itself here. Xmaskatie and Mr.Xmaskatie-Or-Yet-To-Be-Mr.Xmaskatie were at the homestead that Christmas morning. And Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Xmaskatie had gone outside and Xmaskatie and Rosie were inside, and Xmaskatie asked Rosie, quite excitedly and breathlessly, "And what did you get in your Christmas stocking?!?" And Rosie, head bowed, sadly, sadfully, and painly, painfully, drawing her single toe across the non-existent sand, because her right toe had met an unfortunate accident, looked up briefly, wistfully, and said, "Nothing. I got ... nothing" And it was true. BUT .... Right about the part I said I got nuttin', Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Xmaskatie walked in, carrying my beautiful floor lamp. And they both looked at me like I was shit on the soles of their shoes. I looked at Xmaskatie and mouthed, t.h.a.n.k.s. You remember that, Xmaskatie? Good times. Even though timing sucks.
I love my lamp.
Enjoy the tree. I have no idea what I was doing here. Native American chanting? A blessing of the tree? Oh wait ... Were the Temptations playing in the background? That would explain everything.
Xmaskatie took over this Norfolk Island Pine decoration, since I'd broken 2 balls already.
I did the basket at left. It's got fake red apples, real pine cones, sprayed silver and gold, with glitter, different pretty shiny balls. And Maxine gave me the shiny runner. And I'm going to wrap silver and gold ribbon around the handle.
Xmaskatie is quite the fashionista these days. She's sporting these matching sweaters and scarves. It's positively enchanting.
I have mostly white lights, then red, and a wee bit o' the green. Then I put on large balls and smaller balls. In silver and gold. Matte and shiny.
At breakfast Sunday morning, Xmaskatie started conversing about my layout in one particular living area. I admitted I didn't like it, especially for this one huge coffee table, and she had the same concerns. You can probably go back and see the original arrangement. Or go forward. And see the better arrangement.
So, the next thing we were doing was rearranging the furniture. I really like this new flow. It's got the feng shui going for it. Since we bought the new TVs last year, Mr. Hawthorne's old TV has been out in this area for the PAST TEN MONTHS. Xmaskatie covered it up with Mama's throw and we slid it over to the right side of the wall. That's Dixie's rear walking through the foreground.
Maxine, dear. Thank you for the runner.
Rosie is in a frenzy.
She has an idea for her silver and gold ribbons which she bought for next-to-nothing last year at the WalMart right after Christmas.
A festive and hopeful Rosie is happy with her work and her life.
Thank you, Xmaskatie.
I needed all of this. And I needed you. And, by the way, nice pic. Me likee me. And that's a good thing.
Xmaskatie left for her home this morning. Mr. Hawthorne went off to work. It's just me and Dixie. A needed bond and rest. You remember how I've been wondering how I'm going to do my Christmas baking, what with all the stuffed freezers? I came home from Mama Hawthorne's funeral dreading the Christmas season and not knowing how to do my Christmas baking, because I was so anally behind on my "schedule," and yes, I'm extremely OC about my schedule. I keep index cards with my daily output of cookies and goodies and my gift givees for the past no-telling-how-many years. Yeah. I'm sick that way. This weekend, Rosie and Xmaskatie celebrated a grand dame's life - my mother's life and her grandmother's life. And we dealt. We made peace with it all. I became calm about Christmas. I knew I would bake again. Tomorrow. I had a plan. We'll eat the rest of the oysters up within the next few days (about a peck). The ones in the extra fridge downstairs in the utility room. Then I'll turn down the temp till it's near freezing. And I'll put my Christmas baking in the freezing fridge. It's a plan. And it will work. God. I'm good. I had a goal for today. Tuesday. Since I have the whole freezer/fridge thing figgered out, I made a goal last night to make 4 different Christmas Goodies today. I accomplished my goal today. Note to self: "Self, always set the bar low, so's not to disappoint." I made my first four Christmas Goodies today: I made Dixie Peanut Brittle. I made Nut and Berry Bark. I made another batch of Dixie Peanut Brittle. I would've made another batch of Nut and Berry Bark but I didn't have enough white chocolate. I made Buckeyes. I made Naw'llins Prawleens. Recipes coming up. Stay tuned. And hope that KeyIngredient will be working with me so you get the little recipe card at the bottom of my post and you can print out the recipe. Hasn't been working of late. And I try it out on both my laptop and desktop. Since that sometimes makes a difference. And then, other times, both don't work. Key Ingredient!! Do you hear me??? FIX IT!
Merry Christmas throughout my home. I have listened and learned this weekend. Xmaskatie's visit was spot on. I needed her. I will continue with Rosie's Christmas Baking.


Docsmom said...

Merry Christmas Rosie. I hope you can throw yourself into your traditional behaviors and find comfort. Today I turned on Christmas music and did some baking and it really is soothing.
Continue on girlfriend. Your Mama would want you to do that. Bake her favorite thing. And then eat it with some champagne!

Hairball T. Hairball said...

That is a beautiful tree, Rosie. How tall is it?

Ken said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rosie, it was just what I needed as well. Everything looks great, but let me be perfectly clear, I don't do utility rooms. ;)
I'm going to start my baking today.

Kathy said...

And, a terrific picture of Rosie!

Baking? It's Christmas? I have to bake?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

It's about 10 feet tall, Hairball.