Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photographs From Tuesday, December 1 And Wednesday, December 2, 2009.

For Sistah Hawthorne: These pictures are from our last little jaunt to Danville, Va.
I've blogged about this house before, here. It's on 86. Going from Hillsborough to Danville. I've seen decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July, Easter, St. Swithun's Day. You name it? These people celebrate it.
God bless 'em.
This is freakin' awesome. Oh. Sistah Hawthorne? Can I say "freakin'?" Can I say friggin'?" Cause it's the SAME THING. It is a word. Nothing more. Nothing less. Wednesday morning. December 2, 2009. It is Wednesday, December 2, 2009. It is Middle Hawthorne's 22nd birthday. And it is Mama Hawthorne's funeral day. Middle Hawthorne was born on a Wednesday. And now he will always remember his 22nd birthday as the day of his grandmother's funeral. Maybe that's a good thing. They were both celebrations. That coincided. Rather precipitous events. This is Wednesday morning.
I took a trip to the cemetery earlier that morning.
Barren trees. Well I guess not so barren. They have lots of birds. Looks rather Pleistocene. Perhaps tyrannosaurial. Green Hill Cemetery is a historic site. (An 'istoric site?") Wednesday afternoon. December 2, 2009. Pouring down rain for the funeral.
Later that afternoon.
Wednesday, December 2, 2009. Celebration of my son's 22 birthday party. At my dear friend Maxine's house. Directly after the graveside burial. Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. Right after my Mama's Funeral. Middle Hawthorne always wants a pumpkin pie for his birthday, never a cake.
Later. Barn at Brother Hawthorne's farm. Brother Hawthorne, thankfully, came and rescued me from the homestead, and took me down to his farm so I could reconnect with my roots.
And much later, dinner at Brother and Sister In Law Hawthornes'. Nephew and Wifey Hawthorne and Great Niece Hawthorne.
Brother In Law and his son, Nephew Hawthorne.
Brother Hawthorne, sporting his BrokeBackMountainShirt, with his Grand Daughter Hawthorne, my Great Niece Hawthorne.
Nephew Hawthorne, and his mother, Sistah Hawthorne. My eyes are aswirlin'.
Nephew Hawthorne, Sister In Law Hawthorne, and Great Niece Hawthorne.
Nephew and Wifey Hawthorne. I've always loved Auntie's wallpaper in her dining room.
Funereal flowers.
Jesus Christmas Flowers.
Brother Hawthorne, Nephew Hawthorne, and Sister In Law Hawthorne.
Wednesday evening. December 2, 2009.
We are celebrating this woman's life.
These are her two Great Granddaughters.
Her Great Grandsons and Granddaughter In Law.
Her Son In Law on the right, and Grandson, son of Son In Law, and his new Wifey.
Another Son In Law.
And her favorite son, Brother Hawthorne.
The Great Grand Sons with another Grand Daughter In Law.
Her Grandson with his Daughter.
Those two look exactly alike.
Sistah Deah Hawthorne on the right, and Deah Sister In Law Hawthorne on the left. Aren't they wonderfully colorful?
A couple of my nephews, my niece in law, and a friend of a nephew.
That used to be me at that table.
The adult table.
Just a whole lot of family.
Amy, you know I love ya.
Handsome Broke Back Brother Hawthorne loves pictures of himself. If any Hawthornes want me to take them out of my blog, then please e me: rosiehawthorne@aim.com. Or call me if you feel that vehemently. You have my number. (So soon already since the last time I changed it?) I know a lot of you are in the WPP (Witness Protection Program,) so if this is a problem for you, please advise.


Marilyn said...

Ah, Rosie, your family is lovely. It looks like you all (y'all) celebrated Mama Hawthorne's life just perfectly.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Great pics!

Brings back some lovely memories of the gathering after my grandmother's funeral.