Friday, December 18, 2009

You Call This A Flyover? Pffft!

Every December 17, the Outer Banks celebrates the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' historic flight with, usually, a fantastic flyover. Coast Guard planes, helicopters, fighter jets, ... you name it ... we've seen it. It's quite an experience. Especially when you see, then hear, a squadron of jets, coming in afar from the South/Southwest, swooping in very low, then taking a 90 degree turn and going straight up, with the after burners kicking in, fire trailing, until the jets are just tiny dots in the sky. It's impressive. Dare I say, it's an awesome sight. And it makes you proud to be an American.
This is the Wright Brothers National Memorial, in Kill Devil Hills. And this is what the flyover flies over. And this is Thursday morning's meager gathering atop Kill Devil Hill.
Here's our meager gathering and motley crew. Glowria, Xmaskatie, and Crazy John. The Stair Step Family. Don't know why they call him Crazy John but I'll be interested in finding out.
The first planes fly over. A Coast Guard helicopter and Coast Guard C130.
Hang on. I got the plane, the roof of the house, the tree on the right, ... aaaannnddddd ... the seagull on the left. Bingo. Rosie Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. Rosie Eats Shoots and Leaves. Punctuation is everything.
They made a couple of passes.
Then an Air Force plane flew over.
I liked these shots of the monument, the plane, and the seagull.
Aaaaaaannnnnnnnd ... that was it. Nothing else. Nada. Zilch. A big fat ZERO. Oh well. At least I have my memories. And photographs. Like the photograph of the Stealth Bomber making a pass. Years ago. Good times.


Marilyn said...

Wait a minute... you mean they don't do all that because it's my birthday?!

Hmph, what a disappointment.

Mr. P said...

Rosie, I liked the flyover pictures. Thanks for providing them.