Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lots Of Fog On The Outer Banks.

Whew. I'm tired. Today is Day 8 of The Baking. I made only one thing today. And I'm not blogging about it yet, since I still have two more Day 7 items to post. I just wanted to take a breather and offer you pictures of the fog this weekend. Also offer a Cute Dixie Video, just to let you know I haven't neglected her. (Before I begin My Day, Dixie and I always take a nice, anticipated walk together.) And I offer a Christmas Tree Video. You know my tree fell last week. Mr. Hawthorne and I hoisted the tree back up. He secured it. For the past week, the tree has been the elephant in the room. Gold and silver balls lay strewn on the floor. Every now and then, we would walk past, sigh, and continue. Today, I resurrected the tree. I was in the zone. Trying to play catch up with my baking and blogging. Also knowing that Middle Hawthorne and Beau would be arriving tonight. Trying to clean up the house, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and I wanted to keep shards of metallic silver and gold baubles from the fallen tree from entering the gastrointestinal tract of a one hundred plus pound American Bull Dog. I was on a mission. So I stopped to take pictures of the frog.
I hope you enjoyed just a small glimpse into my little world. I wanted to do something else instead of BAKING.

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