Monday, December 21, 2009

My Monday. It Didn't Go The Way I'd Planned. Avalanche Died At KMart.

Monday. I feel relief. I'm basically done baking. Anything else I do is icing on the cake. I left home with my 5 packages and headed to Daniel's Homeport Store to send my UPS packages off. Daniel's is cheaper than the local UPS store. Go figger. While at Daniel's, I took the opportunity to buy a present for Youngest Hawthorne at a certain store right there in the area and buy a bunch (30) of cookie gift-giving containers ($1/pop) at Captain Party's or Marty's. Again, right there. Then I went to the $ Store farther south to check out if they had a better deal. They had NO deal. They had nothing. Then I was heading for Staples to pick up another certain item for a certain someone. And Youngest Hawthorne called, begging me to pick him up some boxers, since Middle Hawthorne had been stealing his. So I U-turned and went back North to KMart. Bought the boxers. Went back out to the truck. And ... dying. I turn the ignition. There are a few plinks. Then NADA. Then I try a few more times. Pull the key out of the ignition. And my blower starts blowing, intermittently. Then my speakers start making popping noises, clockwise from driver left, to passenger right, to across the back seat, from back right to back left. As I said, clockwise. And all this with the key out.
I couldn't find the Geico card in my glove compartment, (I guess I had too many GLOVES in there.) so I called Mr. H. at work, noticing that my cell phone battery was on its last legs. Got him to find the Geico number and call them. Then called Youngest Hawthorne to come pick me up. YH tells me to call Middle Hawthorne. His tooth still hurts. Well, no. His tooth socket hurts. I tell YH that MH won't answer the phone. Then I hear YH yell to MH to pick up the phone. He tells me to call MH and hangs up. I call MH, worrying my battery will give out any time now. He actually answers and tells me he'll come and fetch me. No. He didn't actually say "fetch." That would be gay. MH calls me back and said he had Christmas presents in his car (a two seater) and would be sending YH to fetch me. YH of the TA. (Tooth Ache) Or SA. (Socket Ache) So, Mr. Hawthorne calls me back and tells me Seto's tow truck will be coming in 20-25 minutes. 25 minutes later, Seto's truck came to tow my '02 Avalanche to the Chevy place.
I opened the hood to my truck. I'm at KMart. This action releases pheromones. Like moths to a flame. I cannot tell you how many men {4} and women {1} came over to investigate after the hood was released. None of them knew anything, but once a hood is popped you're open to investigation. I challenge you. Try it. Go to a heavily populated parking lot (WalMart, KMart, Home Depot, Lowes) and pop that damn hood. Time it. See how long it takes for some guy to come outta nowhere, look inside, and offer nothing. Except for, "Ya need to be jumped?" "No. No, thank you." I only popped the hood to make it easier for the Seto Tow Man to find me.
I liked these two pics.
My bar was WAY lowered early into the day. My expectations are automatically lowered for the rest of the day. It's only gonna be over the bar the rest of the day. Good times. I'm lovin' the KMart. I love the little quirks you find upon arriving home. Puppie Junior decorated the house for Nana. The guilty party.
Fun play time. Dixie doesn't want to play. She just wants to be King/Queen of the Hill. I am still Alpha Bitch.
Middle Hawthorne wanted to help me with the decorations. Thank you, Mikey. And we're not done yet. We still have the Mimosa Tree to do tomorrow night. Note to self: "Self: Find another drop cord." And we need to go to the Poulos'. I'll wait for Maxine's visit for that special trip.
Our tree.
WOW. I actually did everything I meant to do. Even though I had to deal with the truck crap. I DID CHRISTMAS tonight. I DECORATED! And I'm not even stressing about the Beez-GAH-Tee I didn't get around to making. My home looks festive and pretty and Christmasy. It's Christmas time. Merry Christmas, every one!

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Hairball T. Hairball said...

Sorry to hear about your truck. I hope it wasn't too expensive to repair.

Junior's "decorations" reminds me of a story.

Years ago, I knew a family with a really big dog. It was close to Christmas and they decided to leave him in the house where it was warm while they were running errands. The errands took longer than expected and the poor dog REALLY needed to go outside.

Yep, he peed on the Christmas tree and all the packages under the tree.