Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas From The Hawthorne Household To You And Yours!

I got up early this morning to start on ...
... this. And that's not all. I forgot bunches of stuff in another refrigerator.
I ponied up 22 of these babies.
Go ahead and count. But include both pictures above.
Just a little sampler.
Not shabby. Sometimes, more is more.
Mr. Hawthorne, once again, was relegated to do the "shit detail," as he calls it. He plastic-wrapped each cookie tray. Earlier this afternoon, we delivered 4 baskets to friends on the beach. We got home. Partook of some Christmas spirit(s). And I walked throughout the neighborhood, distributing the rest of the Goodies, being a Jolly Old Elf,
and basically just spreading cheer and goodwill. Got to a new Household this Christmas. A family from my hometown of Danville. My Mother knew his Mother. Went down there to deliver for the first time. A daughter I'd never met answered the door. I said, "You look like you need some Christmas cookies." (Lots of cars in the driveway.) Then, Laird called down to come on up. His Mother was there. And she lives in Danville. Wonderful to see her. I saw her last at the visitation. I explained to them that this is what I do every Christmas. I bake like a fool, then deliver the goods Christmas Eve to all my neighbors. Oh wait, I said. I deliver the Goodies to the neighbors I like. The ones I don't like, I say Scrooge 'em. I really should work on my Christmas Skilz. I invite my readers to share Christmas with the Hawthornes. Our tree:
Waiting for Daughter Hawthorne to get home and finish the decorating.
Our foyer, lit up. Waiting for and welcoming Daughter Hawthorne safely home.
I wish a very Merry Christmas to all my Readers. I thank you for reading and commenting and staying with me. Peace.
Click on Elvis.
And click on this: Silent Night. Holy Night. Merry Christmas! Daughter Hawthorne is now safely home.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Rosie!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Merry Christmas, Anonymous!
And everyone else.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

I've been looking forward to this post with the sea of Christmas cookies and candies as far as the eye can see. Most impressive!

Glad to hear you had a nice holiday with your family.

Happy New Year, Rosie!